Who Are We?

High quality roller systems for distinct barn style doors that are as functional as they are fashionable

Brooklyn Barn Doors has been providing bold and rustic décor statements in new homes, renovations, and even commercial projects since 2016. We specialise in designing the tracks, wheels and fixings that the doors are suspended on. Every fitting designed by specialist door hardware experts in New Zealand to suit whatever use– adding an amazing, moving artwork to any space.

The Given family has been in the industry as one of New Zealand’s longest established and largest importers and distributors of door hardware and locksmithing products throughout New Zealand and the South Pacific. After over 30 years in the business, they have the most specialised & experienced industry staff in the country. And are now creating their own line of quality, lasting barn door roller systems.

The leading specialist in Door Hardware in New Zealand, David Given is backed with over 30 years of family experience and expertise. He created Brooklyn Barn Doors to provide NZ with a range of barn door roller systems to suit Kiwi needs and the trends.The best possible materials are used for optimised and lasting strength and practical service.

Installing a barn doorway? You’ll want a high quality roller system for your barn door.